We Sheet Mulched Re:Seed Saugerties on Thursday June 9th, 2016
204 Washington Avenue at the corner of Finger Street in the village of Saugerties NY

“Building soil is the most important vocation of our time. All life depends on soil. History provides ample evidence that civilizations which ignored the health and well-being of the soil, and exploited it without renewing its fertility, disappeared along with the soil.” Vandana Shiva, Author of “Soil Not Oil”   

SHEET MULCHING is a permaculture no-dig gardening method that builds soil by mimicking natural forests' processes. It generates healthy, productive, and low maintenance soil. The following layers go down on the garden bed alternating between layers of nitrogen and carbon materials.
1. carbon layer - organic fertilizers like rotting wood, lime, bone meal or worm castings.
2. nitrogen layer – compost
3. carbon layer – leaves
4. nitrogen layer – manure
5. dirt
6. layer of soggy newspapers or cardboard (put holes through the newspaper or cardboard to plant)
7. mulch

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